NSP Scholarship OTR Registration 2024-25 Apply | Easy Steps | NSP Scholarship 2024-25 Face Authentication

Hello friends today this article I will discuss about NSP scholarship OTR registration 2024-25 how to apply and NSP scholarship face authentication how to do easy steps to follow this article and read complete information and will possible to generate OTR and reference ID NSP 2024.
today NSP scholarship biggest update released 2024 the national scholarship portal 2024-25 apply start and today I will discuss about all complete scheme wise information and generate to otr and face authentication update and provide the direct link what are you waiting for please read completed and share on your friends.

NSP Scholarship OTR Registration – How to check

NSP scholarship otr registration many students don’t know what is otr and how to check so first of all the students otr is one time registration number whenever you applied National scholarship portal you give application ID like RJ 20242025 like this type of ID it is otr if you applied fresh Scholarship last year then you already receive otr number the NSP scholarship every students give to SMS day your otr number this and your pending for face authentication please visit this site and complete your face authentication

IF You are not able to getting your otr registration to follow your father steps and receive otr number

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1. first you login your form if you applied fresh or renewal
2. after your login your form then you are 10 to 12 digit it is a registration number like RJ 202425 like this type of number if you are login your form and open your form and right side your corner then showing face authentication complete your face authentication and I am provide your dieting and check on

NSP Scholarship OTR Registration 2024-25 Apply |

One Time Registration (OTR) is a unique 14-digit number issued based on the Aadhaar/Aadhaar Enrolment ID (EID) and is applicable for the entire academic career of the student. OTR simplifies the scholarship application process, thereby eliminating the need of registration in each academic year OTR is required to apply for scholarship on National Scholarship Portal.

One Time Registration (OTR) is a unique number allotted to the student and is applicable for entire academic career on National Scholarship Portal. OTR is required to apply for the scholarships on National Scholarship Portal from AY 2024-25. The students who have applied on National Scholarship Portal in AY 2023-24 will be allotted the OTR/Reference number through the portal and intimated through SMS. For more details please

NSP OTR App will be launched soon and will be available on Google Play Store. For updated information please revisit the Portal again. Scholarship application form for AY 2024-25 will open soon.

NSP Scholarship OTR – 2024-25 Instruction : complete details

A. Instructions to the students who have received the OTR no.

  1. NSP earlier launched the face-authentication service in AY 2023-24 and it was optional for the students to perform their face authentication.
  2. NSP has generated the One Time Registration (OTR) no. for the students who have performed the face-authentication in AY 2023-24 and the same has been sent to the applicant through SMS on their registered mobile no.
  3. Students who have received the OTR no. can directly apply for scholarship on NSP portal.
  4. In case, the student has not received the OTR number through SMS, OTR no. can be retrieved using “Know your OTR” available on National Scholarship Portal.

2. Instructions to the students who have received
Reference no. on mobile sms

  1. NSP has allotted the reference no. to the students who have completed the OTP based eKYC and have not completed their face-authentication in AY 2023-24.
  2. OTR no. can now be obtained by completing face-authentication on NSP Portal 2024-25
  3. Following steps are required to generate the OTR no.: a. Download and install Aadhaar Face RD services in the android
  4. After opening the mobile app below screen will appear on your device. Select the option “eKYC with FaceAuth” highlighted in red. Refer screen on next page.

NSP Scholarship 2024-25 Status Check : Login Form 2024

Student login tips National scholarship portal 2024-25

  1. Student/Parent/Legal guardian must read the instructions carefully before registration.
  2. Student/Parent/Legal is advised to fill all the required details carefully and check properly before submission as correction/editing will not be allowed after submission.
  3. Any wrong/false information may lead to rejection.
  4. Enter correct OTR number as provided during registration. The unique identifier helps to verify identity and track application progress.
  5. Keep your password confidential and avoid sharing it with anyone to protect your account security.
  6. In case you forget your password, utilize the Forgot Password option to reset it.
  7. Student/Parent/Legal is also advised to refer to National Scholarship Portal for regular updates. https://scholarships.gov.in/otrapplication/#/login-page

NSP Scholarship Face Authentication 2024-25 – Easy Steps ||

  1. After clicking the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.facerd&pli=1 on “eKYC with FaceAuth” below screen will appear.
  2. Enter the allotted reference number and click on “Send OTP” to receive OTP on your mobile no.
  3. Enter the received OTP and captcha in the screen and click Next. Below screen will appear.
  4. Click on “Proceed for Face Authentication” button highlighted in red in above screen.
  5. UIDAI Aadhaar FaceRD services will be invoked for face authentication. Ensure Aadhaar FaceRD services are preinstalled on your device. Refer point no.
  6. On Successful completion of face-authentication OTR no. will be generated (refer below screen) and will also be sent on your registered mobile no.
  7. Student shall apply for scholarship using OTR no.

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