NSP Scholarship Merit list NO 2023-24 | NSP Merit list 2023-24

Many students eagerly await the NSP (National Scholarship Portal) scholarship merit list each year. However, encountering “NSP Scholarship Merit List NO 2023-24” can be confusing and frustrating. This phrase can have several interpretations, and this guide aims to demystify the situation and offer potential solutions.

Understanding the “NO” in the Merit List

Here are the possible reasons behind seeing “NO” associated with the NSP Merit List:

  • Not Selected: The most common interpretation is that you haven’t been selected for the scholarship in the current academic year (2023-24). This could be due to various factors, such as not meeting the eligibility criteria, high competition, or merit ranking falling below the cut-off mark for your specific scheme.

  • Incomplete Application: In some cases, “NO” might indicate an incomplete application. Ensure you submitted all required documents and filled out the form accurately during the application process.

  • Technical Glitch: While less likely, technical issues on the NSP portal could lead to an inaccurate display. Try refreshing the page or logging in again later.

Steps to Take After Seeing “NSP Scholarship Merit List NO 2023-24”

1. Verify Application Status:

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  • Login to the NSP portal using your registered credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Application Status” section.
  • Look for specific details like “Not Selected” or “Incomplete Application.” This will provide a clearer understanding of the reason behind the “NO” on the merit list.

2. Contact NSP Helpdesk (if applicable):

  • If the status indicates an incomplete application or a technical issue, consider contacting the NSP helpdesk.
  • You can find contact information on the official NSP website, including phone numbers, email addresses, or a dedicated grievance redressal mechanism.

3. Analyze Eligibility Criteria:

  • Carefully revisit the eligibility criteria for the specific scholarship scheme you applied for. This information is usually available on the NSP website or program brochure.
  • Assess if your academic performance, family income, or course selection met the stipulated requirements. This helps identify any potential discrepancies that might have led to non-selection.

4. Consider Alternative Options:

  • While not receiving the NSP scholarship can be disheartening, explore other scholarship opportunities. Several government and private organizations offer financial aid for students.
  • Utilize online scholarship portals or search through your educational institution’s scholarship resources for alternative options.

5. Prepare for Next Year (if applicable):

  • If you were not selected due to merit ranking or competition, utilize this year to strengthen your academic performance.
  • Aim for higher marks in the upcoming year to improve your chances of securing the scholarship.

Additional Tips:

  • Maintain a record of your application details, including application ID, submitted documents, and scholarship scheme details.
  • Stay updated on scholarship announcements by following the official NSP website or social media channels of relevant educational institutions.

Understanding Delayed Merit List Releases

Sometimes, the NSP merit list release might be delayed. Here are some reasons for this:

  • Verification Process: Verifying applications and eligibility of a large number of applicants can be time-consuming.
  • Scrutiny by Relevant Authorities: Scholarship schemes might undergo additional scrutiny by government bodies before finalizing the merit list.
  • Technical Issues: Unexpected technical glitches on the NSP portal might delay the list’s release.

What to Do When the Merit List Release is Delayed

  • While waiting can be frustrating, avoid panicking. Trustworthy information regarding delays is usually communicated through official channels like the NSP website or notifications on the student dashboard.
  • Refrain from relying solely on third-party sources for updates.


Seeing “NSP Scholarship Merit List NO 2023-24” might be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your scholarship journey. By understanding the potential reasons behind it and taking the necessary steps, you can navigate this situation effectively. Remember, numerous scholarship opportunities exist, and with dedication and continued effort, you can achieve your educational goals.

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